Here we list a summary of our advice based on experience of past issues to help you use the system to get the best out of the courier network.

ALWAYS ensure the driver who collects your packages scans them before they leave your offices and signs your manifest accordingly. You must insist on this please.

Double check the label, assume you are from another planet and be happy that it includes ALL the information a driver might need to deliver the package. This must include the name of the recipient and a proper full address with full company/building information. If this is not complete - cancel the consignment (important to do this) and add another until it is right.

Fill in the consignment form properly and ensure you have the notification and delivery options set properly (more info to be added here)

NEVER tape your labels to your parcels (they come off much more easily then you might think). always use a proper label printer or a label wallet to ensure the consignment label stays on the good during shipment.

If your goods need to be kept "top up" please ensure there are clear arrows on the box indicating this.