It is very important to ensure your driver scans all your packages before he removes them from your premises. This is a clear record that he has taken them and they have entered the courier system. Do not ever let them leave until they have done this.

Ensure the manifest is properly signed, as matches the packages taken, keep this for your records for at least a month.

Ad-Hoc collections are for smaller senders and will take a lower priority over the scheduled collections (see below) of the day. During days of particular stress on the courier network (like the Covid-19 situation) ad-hoc collection may not happen. If this is the case you must re-book your collection for the next day ASAP.

Scheduled collections are for customers who send larger numbers of parcels. They provide for an approximate time slot each day when a driver will turn up for collections. Take the number of your driver and if possible their local depot and call the driver if you don't need a collection or the depot if, for some reason, he does not turn up.

Please Note: During the Covid-19 lockdown the whole UK courier network is being stressed for obvious reasons. It has been described as far more volume than Christmas but not for a few days - for months - and with less staff. This means that collections (both the above types) may slip or not even happen, please bear with us and the couriers at this time!